About TiSento

TiSento literally means ‘I feel you’ and is a real gift from the heart. With TiSento you let your feelings speak, making TiSento the perfect gift to surprise someone or show how much you care about them. Or just as colourful pampering for yourself to brighten up your home. There is always a TiSento moment! A moment which you will enjoy for a long time and one that others will remember.

TiSento means ‘I feel you’ and is more than a plant. TiSento is a gift from the heart, a feeling that you give someone. She’s especially for you. ,,

The beginning

The trendy plant label TiSento, Feelings of Flowers was created in 2006. Bloomed from the passion of the grower to; “let the special and happy feeling of blooming plants be experienced.” Flowers say more than words, they’re a gift from our heart. They create a magical feeling. TiSento means ‘I feel you’ and represents that special feeling and the meaning of giving or receiving plants and flowers. Especially that special feeling of happiness, love and warmth. That is what it’s all about at TiSento, let your feelings be heard and enjoy it all.

Surprising and trendy

Our TiSento collection is available in many exciting colours which you’ll recognize by their colourful and trendy gift wrapping. We get inspired by the newest fashion and styling trends. This, we integrate in our packaging and colour combinations, adjusted to each season. That’s how TiSento keeps surprising and helps you by proving the right feeling for your home, every season and every holiday.

High quality

We like for you to be able to enjoy your TiSento the longest possible. Therefore, our blooming plants are grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, under the highest possible quality norms. Our plants are specially selected to have the best beautiful colours, flower shapes and species. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the brilliant quality of your TiSento!

The birth of your TiSento